Open Hours:

Wed to Sun - 11am till late

Open Mic Night every Thursday from 7pm

  • Kitchen
  • Pizza

From the Kitchen - 12pm to late


Sides: Garlic Bread / Bowl of fries / Side Salad / $8 

Soup of the Day / $15

Served with garlic bread. GF available.

Seafood Chowder / $18

A traditional seafood based soup made with fresh fish, smoked fish, Nelson mussels, calamari & prawns. Served with garlic bread. GF & DF available.    

T O  S H A R E

Calamari rings DF / $15

Beer battered calamari served with tartar sauce.

Focaccia & Dips V / $16

Baked fresh served with in house hummus, pesto & tzatziki.

Nachos GF / $18

Served with fresh in house salsa & sour cream. Your choice of chilli beans or Con Carne.

Mussels (Subject to availability) / $20

Steam fried in a tomato based broth, served with garlic bread. GF & DF available.


Park Cafe Salad GF / $20

With salad greens, feta, avocado, toasted nuts & our home made herb dressing. V available.

Add smoked fish  $4

Kiwi Beef Burger  / $22

With cheese, salad greens, tomato, caramelised onions, pickles, American mustard & tomato sauce. Served with fries. GF & DF available.

Fish Burger / $22

Pan fried fish, salad greens, tomato, coleslaw, pickles & tartar sauce. Served with fries. GF & DF available.

Falafel Burger / $22

With haloumi cheese, salad greens, tomato, pickles, sriracha aioli & hummus. Served with fries. GF & V available.

Fish & Chips DF / $19

Beer battered fish fillet served with fries, the Park Café slaw & tartar sauce.

Czech Beef Goulash GF / $28

Tender beef cheeks slowly cooked in a paprika-based gravy. Served with seasonal vegetables & mashed potato. 

Vegan Goodness Bowl V GF / $25

Roasted veggies, hummus, falafel, creamy capsicum, sauerkraut, quinoa & sriracha aioli.

Download our Menu Here


Pizza Menu - 12pm to late

Gluten Free, Vegan & Dairy Free Available

Pizza Bread / $15

Herbs, garlic & parmesan cheese                                    

Margarita / $18

House sauce, tomato & cheese                                                        

Hawaiian / $21

House sauce, ham, pineapple & cheese.

Fungi / $23

House sauce, ham, mushroom, onion & cheese.                                            

Salami /  $25

House sauce, tomato, salami, black olives, onion, cheese & capsicum.                      

Vege Frisbee / $25

House sauce, onion, mushroom, capsicum, black olives, sundried tomato, feta & cheese.

Sunny Artichoke / $25

House sauce, artichokes, sundried tomato, mushroom, fresh tomato, cheese, topped with toasted sunflower & pumpkin seeds.

Smoked Chicken / $26

Sweet & sour feijoa chutney, smoked chicken, mushrooms, capsicum & brie cheese.

Spicy Chorizo / $26

House sauce, spicy chorizo, mushrooms, capsicum, jalapenos, tomatoes, onion & cheese.

Fish / $27

House sauce, fresh fish, capers, capsicum, onion, cheese & a creamy herb sauce.

Meat Lovers / $27

House sauce, salami, bacon, smoked chicken, tomato, onion, cheese & BBQ sauce.     

Download our Menu Here